Win-Win Innovative Solutions for Both Passengers and Airports

BERDS provides innovative solutions to facilitate collection of the checked-in luggage at the baggage reclaim area, eliminate confusion between look-alike bags, improve luggage security, timely alerts on luggage fraud attempt, reduce congestion around carousels, and increase opportunities and conditions for positive impact on the financial bottom line of airports.


BERDS’ Dynamic Display System is equipped with high-end technology to display accurate baggage information as it moves across the carousel. It helps in eliminating the confusion with look-alike bags and allowing passengers to easily identify their bags from a distance. The system is designed to reduce crowds around carousels, accelerate bag collection, and improve and increase passenger flow. Considering the current pandemic conditions, DDS will prove to be valuable in maintaining social distance and adhering to the SOPs…
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Very Simple.
Very Smart.

In the excessive amount presence of flights and travel apps, BERDS app together with BERDS systems developed unique and cutting-edge solutions for real-time luggage tracking on the reclaim carousel that highly improve luggage security and resulting in a more efficient and expeditious bags retrieval process, reducing waiting times, and eliminating the inconvenience of having to search for one’s bags on the carousel.
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For the passengers who do not have access to BERDS Application, Interactive Display System introduces stand-along digital kiosks for easy access to all unique features. Interactive Display System could be installed at terminal gates, baggage reclaim area, custom area, or anywhere else in an airport.
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Real Time Fraud Alarm

Focus on What Is Matter.

Give your kids all your attention, enjoy your shopping, or get the advantage of discussing a business opportunity while you wait for your luggage at baggage reclaim area – BERDS will guard your luggage whenever you are away.

BERDS alters in real-time on any fraud attempt; displaying location, time, and luggage details of bag being stolen or mistakenly taken. The application guides passenger to head directly to the right spot to recover the bag.

Instantly Fraud Reporting

Keep Last Impression Great

Passengers’ concern about collecting their bags from the baggage reclaim area starts long before boarding their flight. At the time of packing their luggage, for example, passengers try to uniquely label their bags to distinctly identify them and distinguish them from similar bags in the baggage reclaim area at arrival.

Passengers’ concerns are not limited to bag identification, but they also worry about potential mistakes and mix-ups, fraud, theft, and crowd inconvenience; to name a few.

BERDS helps passengers easily collect their luggage and leave the airport with a great last impression.

Customized Display

A Step into the Future

No matter how an airport is technologically advanced, the late decision to invest in innovative technology could put airport out of competition for years to come.

BERDS introduces smart and innovative technologies to facilitate luggage collection from the baggage reclaim area, resolving passengers’ most-rooted worries. It highly improves passengers’ experience and luggage security.

BERDS will boost the revenues for the retail sectors at arrivals from an inconsiderable to a major retail business. Securing the luggage at the carousels, the worry-free airport experience will encourage the arrived passengers to use the luggage waiting time in the shopping area rather than around the carousel.

Another positive effect on the financial bottom line of the airport will be through increasing the advertising revenue. BERDS Dynamic Display Systems introduce very catchy unavoidable targeted advertising platforms.

Company Behind BERDS

BERDS International, “Baggage Electronic Reference Display System”, is a newly founded company in 2020 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

The company’s core mission is to facilitate luggage collection and improve luggage security at the baggage reclaim carousel.

At BERDS, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions to improve passenger experience without neglecting airports’ interests. Therefore, our team gives all the care and attention to ensuring that our innovative products are commercially and operationally applicable at airports reaching win-win solutions for both passengers and airports.