BERDS focuses on facilitating the luggage collection at the baggage reclaim area at arrival by providing real-time luggage tracking systems on the reclaim carousel. However, the BERDS app, in addition to its unique and advanced bag tracking module “MyBag”, developed a simple user interface design and an innovative smart platform to effortlessly escort and support passengers during the day of travel, avoiding the complexity of the multi-task flight and traveling apps.


All passenger flights are clearly listed with the first upcoming or the right ongoing trip always on top.

Every flight record displays all the key indicators of a flight with an animated banner at the bottom of each record intended to display the critical flight events.

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  • Traveling alone or with a family, MyFlight keeps all the documents for the day of travel organized and easy to access.

    MyFlight groups documents by type; sorts them by sequence of use; always keep the next step documents on top to easily reach eliminating any confusions.

  • Enjoy airport amenities and get notified and updated on the ongoing events at airport. Passenger will receive notifications on a flight basis.

    Notifications on check-in time, gate opening, boarding, luggage status, airport shopping offers, assigned passport lanes…

  • Do not miss any flight critical event – BERDS alerts passengers via a push alarm interactive notification message on any critical event such as gate closure at departure, alerts on any luggage fraud attempt at arrival.

    Alerts will have a positive impact on enhancing a passenger’s mood and minimize the anxiety feeling of missing any event.

  • MyFlight is considered a flight-specific inbox, receiving all flight’s electronic documents, notifications, and alerts from airline, departure, transit, and arrival airports.

    Still, passengers will have the option to import, export, and share any document that might be needed for the day of travel, such as visa copy, hotel reservation.


  • MyBag increases passenger convenience and decreases passenger concern when away from a baggage carousel, given them the chance to enjoy airport amenities.

    MyBag provides notifications and real-time display with accurate references, times, and locations for each passenger’s bags to track and collect easily, preventing the risk of baggage being mistakenly taken or stolen.

  • MyBag clearly and easily displays checked-in baggage information “Count & Status” just after getting checked-in. It displays at the toolbar bag icons that reflect the actual number of checked-in bags.

    Each bag icon will have an indicator that reflects actual bag status.

    Click on any bag icon to get a detailed descriptive status.

  • When a bag is loaded to the carousel, MyBag displays in real-time a bag’s locations moving on a scaled-down schematic carousel that reflects the allocated carousel layout.

    Ultimately, bags can be retrieved more efficiently and expeditiously, reducing: wait times, crowds around the carousel, and the inconvenience of searching for one’s bags on the carousel.

  • MyBag alerts passengers on any fraud attempt or any mistake that might lead that one of their bags is being taken by somebody else. Real-time alert with accurate display of reference time and location allow passenger to address the situation whereby the baggage is been taken to increase recovery chance.

    MyBag is equipped with on spot fraud reporting function to increase the chance of immediate recovery.

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MyWay module provides passengers with the latest wayfinding technology to seamlessly display the route for passengers to follow from check-in to boarding gate at departure and from the arrival terminal gate to reach allocated carousel at the baggage reclaim area providing available to use facilities such as elevator locations, escalators, stairs.

MyWay seamlessly advises passengers on specifically-designated or assigned customs and/or passport control lanes (e.g., citizens, non-citizens, expedited processing, GLOBAL ENTRY, etc.), etc.