BERDS developed a Dynamic Display System (DDS) to largely display, on a screen of one or more displays, bag information to accompany corresponding baggage as it travels along with the baggage carousel in real-time synchronization.

BERDS system may give passengers, based on the airport's permission, the option to control and customize some of the displayed information. Displayed information could include at least one of a flight number, departure airport, a passenger photo, a passenger name, a passenger's family, passenger nickname, boarding sequence, a bag sequence on the carousel, a number of passenger's uncollected bags, notification on luggage type.

As a result of DDS, passengers will retrieve their luggage more efficiently and expeditiously, resulting in improved passenger experience. At the same time, the system will significantly improve the airports' operation profitability and will have potentially positive effects on airports' commercial revenues, especially retail and advertising revenue.

Customized Service

Due to the diversity of airports in terms of size, service, interior design, and plan, BERDS offers a well-tailored and comprehensively engineered Dynamic Display System for each carousel. The system offers a wide range of layouts, sizes, and types of screens; to perfectly fit the requirement of an airport and its budget. BERDS also provides full flexibility given the airport to choose the content and format of the information to be displayed by the Dynamic Display System.

Flight Information

Could include flight number, departure airport, airline company name or airline logo, IATA airline code, or ICAO airline designator, etc.

Passenger Information

DDS could display passenger name, passenger family, passenger nickname, or passenger boarding sequence. Also, it could display a passenger photo.

Baggage Reclaim Information

DDS updates passengers on the total balanced uncollected bags so passengers will not mistakenly leave any bag behind. Also, it displays the total number of the bags on the carousel, and it shows the bag sequence relative to the passenger location for better collection.

Baggage Type Information

Such a heavy bag or fragile luggage is vital information that warns passengers or porter to take appropriate precautions while picking up a bag.

Guidance Content

Dynamic Display System could be advantageous in spreading important information for arriving passengers such as local weather forecasting and local migration rules, etc.


DDS provides a very catchy and innovative advertising digital billboard that will undoubtedly reach every arriving passenger and be an attractive choice for advertisers. BERDS could run ads simultaneously with luggage display or during carousel standby time.