Interactive Display System

For the passengers who do not have access to BERDS Application, Interactive Display System introduces stand-along digital kiosks to easily access BERDS informative platform and get the advantage of all the unique features offered by BERDS Application.

To provide a full package of airport digital directories and informative services, BERDS developed a full range of interactive digital systems. In addition to the real-time updates on the status of the checked-in luggage, Interactive Display System offers advanced digital signage, 2d & 3D wayfinding, digital directory, and informative system services.

Easy to Access

Scan any of the traveling tickets or input your personal information to access your relevant flight account, to check your notification, report on a fraud.

For airports that have installed digital kiosks, we, at BERDS, are open to offering our services through the already existing facilities by integrating our software to operate within the same installed kiosks.